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Free Music Library
Free Music Library
Download full music tunebooks in PDF format. Our gift to you.

New & Cool
Wooden Tongue Drums
Beautifully tuned wooden tongue drums. Many tunings and models.

Walking Stick Fiddle
Take your fiddle everywhere! More info.

Elysium Drums with Carry Bag
9 note hand drum inspired by Hang Drums large 24" x 9" Notes tuned Eb, Bb, C, Eb, F, G, A, C & D. Comes with a nice carry bag.

Aeolian Wind Harp
Aeolian wind harps are an ancient tradition and sing in the wind. Sized to fit right into a window. No need to learn to play-this one plays to you! Of course, you can also play it. 23-1/2" long

Majic Wand (assorted)
Made from a special alloy comprised of aluminum, titanium, manganese, magnesium and beryllium. When struck they emit a mesmerizing magical tone! Many different designs. - a few can be seen in the picture. Sold one each assorted.

Inlaid Octave Mandolins
Wonderul sounding, beautiful instuments, new shipment.

Joia Tuned Percussion Tubes
Interesting sound, fun to play. Lots of models.

Pastoral Oboe - Low D Bombard
A great reed instrument for flute & whistle players $260.00

Party Stumpf Fiddle
Great rhythm instrument. $235.00

Shanti Chimes
Amazing tuned chimes, 5 tunings

World Of Jaw Harps
An amazing selection of jaw harps.

Fun Items
Nuvo Travel/Student Flutes
Great sounding flutes that you can even play in the swimming pool...

Door Harps
Door Harps, many models...

Some Of Our Favorites
  Instruments From The Bible
  Banjo Ukuleles
  Musical Saws
  Rub Boards & Washboards
  Walking Stick Musical Instruments
  Wings Amazing Percussion
  Hapi Drum-A Combination Of A
   Steel Drum And A Tongue Drum

  Stroh Resonator Violins
  Kalimbas & Thumbpianos
  Steel Drums
  Ocean Harps
India Instruments
   India Instruments
   Sitars From India
Celtic Instruments
   Irish Flutes
   Bodhrans Irish Drums
   Celtic Harps
   Irish Pennywhistles
   Celtic Stringed Instruments
Middle Eastern Instruments
   Ouds - Middle Eastern Lutes
   Middle Eastern Strings
   Middle Eastern Drums
   Middle Eastern Dumbeks
   Middle Eastern Wind Instruments
   Middle Eastern Fingercymbals
China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam & Misc Asia
   Thailand & Vietnam
   Japan & Shakuhachis
   Misc Asia
Latin America
   Latin Percussion
   Latin Strings
   Andean Instruments
Native American Instruments
   Native American Flutes
   Native American Drums
Bowed Instruments
    & Other Bowed Instruments

   Early Strings
   Bowed Psalteries
   Stroh Resonator Violin
   Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass Bows
Learning Materials
   Music Books
   DVD & CD Instruction
   VHS Video Instruction
Jewelry & Mini Instruments
   Musical Jewelry
   Miniature Musical Instruments
    (not playable)

Antique Instruments

Musical Instruments From All Over The World Since 1974

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Dn Tranh Similar to a koto.


More Details

Stroh Horn Violin, Aluminum Horn Best model resonator violin with good fittings.

More Details

Mouthbow Made of wood with at tuning peg and a steel string

More Details

Beautiful Musical Spoons Vermillion Pair 8 Inch The best sounding spoons we have ever found. Beautifully finished. Easy to hold.

More Musical Spoons

Ocean Harp Produces a sound like whales


More Details

Melodica 32 Note Piano keyboard played with a blowpipe with a 32 note range from low F to c. Sounds like an accordion. Colors vary.

More Melodicas

Armenian Duduk with Ghamish Key Of A - The Most Popular Key Amazing low sound. You have heard these in the movies.

More Eastern Winds

European Mandolin Large Body Great sound for Celtic music. Top solid spruce, Back solid maple, Neck and sides maple.

More Mandolins

Jumbie Jam Steel Drums Authentic steel drum that is fun & easy to learn, many colors...

More Steel Drums

Irish Rosewood D flute, Silver Plated Rings Patterned from a number of fine original instruments with DVD...

Irish Style Wooden Flutes

Songbird Bowed Psaltery With Bow And Case Beautiful sounding,complete outfit...

More Bowed Psalteries

Bone Bones Well made bone bones with a bright sound...

More Bones

Portuguese Fado Guitar Lisboa - Guitarra WIth Case A large mandolin-like instrument from Portugal with 12 strings in 6 courses.

More Information

Suona In C (Musette Shawm) Traditional Chinese oboe or shawm. 7 fingerholes and a thumbhole.

More Suonas

Compact Reflection Didgeridoo Changes the direction of the sound waves so that you hear and feel the sound as you play. Equals the length of a 42" didgeridoo 9" L x 5" H x 1.6" D.

More Didgeridoos

Deluxe Fancy Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle 4/4 4/5 Beautiful inlay and drawing. Loud, powerful and resonant sound.

More Details And Images

Old Timer Dulcimer Teardrop Dulcimer The simple teardrop shape for that bright, mountain sound. Made in America.

Dulcimers Everything

Bodhran, 18 inch, Tunable, Rosewood Crossbars. Bolt tuning on the inside, goatskin head,...

Bodhrans Everything

Eve 22 String Harp Package, Cherry Wood 22-string lap harp, tuned G to G, levers on the Cs and Fs....

Harps Everything

Zydeco Rub Board, Galvanized Louisiana version of the classic washboard, comes with church keys....

Rub Boards & Washboards

French Canadian Spoons, Traditionnal Model 10" Made in Quebec, Canada...

Spoons Everything

Box Kalimba Small (3" x 5") kalimba, made of red cedar...

More Kalimbas & Thumb Pianos

Native American Pocket Flute - Key of A 5 hole Pocket Flute from Aromatic Cedar...

More Native American Flutes

Mr Bones Musical Triple Tone Bones Ebony Vermillion Boxwood Wood Pair...

More Bones

Walking Stick Fife In Bb In Rosewood A great gift and travel instrument. Pitched in Bb length 36"

More Fifes And Information

Renaissance Fife, D In Rosewood Pitch D, is one piece. Plays two octaves. Same range as a D pennywhistle.

More Fifes

Rochelle Anglo Concertina Package Comes with a tutor and gig bag. 30 buttons C/G...

More Concertinas

Mini Kinnor Harp, Light King David's Harp, 16"x8", Rosewood frame with ash soundboard. 10 nylon strings for the biblical scale.

More Lyres

Rope Tension Side Drum, 14 inch Wood Shell With Snare With Sticks And Strap Old fashioned rope, leather sliders, calf vellum heads, wood shell and wooden hoops.

More Rope Tension Drums

Full Size Highland Pipes In Delrin Made in Scotland. Great lightweight set has a synthetic bag with the easy play chanter reed. Full Highand sound.

More Bagpipes

Ethiopian Nickel Silver Sistrum Beautiful, intricately designed nickel silver body and handle. About 10" long. Handcrafted, everyone is different.

More Ancient Instruments

Mid-East Standard Egyptian Oud w/ Gig Bag BLEMISHED: Oud, Egyptian standard with soft Case.

More Ouds

European Made Flat Back Bouzouki Solid Spruce top, maple back, sides and neck, mahogany fingerboard, 8 metal strings, floral inlaid design.

More Bouzoukis

Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax Bamboo in C Bamboo Sax for everyone...

More Pocket Saxes

Stradivarius - Musical Saw Used by pros. Traditional wood handle...

More Musical Saws

Double Windwand Bullroarer Sound of the didgeridoo and the bullroarer...

Windwands & Bullroarers

C Major Wing Amazing sounding tuned percussion...


More Wings Models

Learn The Bagpipes Rosewood Practice Chanter, Book & CD...

Bagpipes Everything

Tunable D Whistle Silver Finish BW Whistle These are our top favorites. Great clear sound, smooth play and feel wonderful in the hand.

More BW Whistles

Songbird Phoebe Hammered Dulcimer 16/15 hammered dulcimer with hammers & tuning wrench...

Hammered Dulcimer Everything

ToneRite 3G Guitar Sound Improver Make your instrument sound like it has been played for 25 years.

More Tonerite Information & Models

Fermata Operated LED Music Light Maintains initial brightness as batteries drain, STARTS BRIGHT, STAYS BRIGHT!

More Details

Snark SN8 Clip on Super Tight All Instrument Chromatic Tuner An incredible electronic tuner at an amazing price.

More Details

Ukulele Portable Piezo Pickup UK-1 Natural, detachable passive piezo pickup solution for ukulele. Great sound.

More Details & Models

Peak Sitting Music Stand Our favorite music stand ever. Very easy to transport.

More Music Stands

Oud String Set For Turkish Oud tunings: EABEAD or C#F#BEAD.

More Hard To Find Instrument Strings

How To Play The Bodhran DVD With an introduction to the Bones, Spoons and more with Chris Caswell. Vintage footage.

Hundreds Of More Instructional DVDs

Feadog Book, CD & Whistle in D Made in Ireland, 2+ octave, 6 hole. Includes book and CD.

Thousands More Music Books



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