Lark In The Morning has been selling musical instruments from around the world since 1974. Founded by Mickey Zekley (read more about Mickie's adventures here), it started as a mail order company and grew to a thriving enterprise with storefronts in San Francisco, Seattle and Mendocino. Mickie and his wife Beth also started a summer music camp, Lark Camp, which now has over 600 participants and instructors from around the world each summer in the redwoods of Mendocino.

Mickie and Beth first sold Lark in the Morning in 2002. By the end of 2010, when Mickie and Beth got the business back, all the stores had closed and the busines had moved entirely online. Since then, Lark in the Morning has been holding steady, offering its unique and remarkable collection of instruments to its customers worldwide.

In January 2017 I purchased Lark in the Morning and have moved the business to the San Francisco Bay Area, in Berkeley. Mickie and Beth continue to run Lark Camp and work with me as consultants. We've received our approvals from the city and now plan to open a storefront again here in Berkeley sometime in the next few months. Bay Area folks, please stop by!

-Eric Azumi

Lark's old home in Mendocino

Lark's new home in Berkeley