Instrument Tunings

String instruments, all tunings from low to high strings

Standard Guitar EADGBE
Requinto GCFBbDG
Hawaiian Guitar- G low bass DGDGBD
G high Bass GBDGBD
many other tunings in use; see internet article
Banjos: C tuning 5 string; 5th str G, CGBD
G tuning 5 string; 5th str G, DGBD
many other tunings for 5 str. are used more rarely
Plectrum; CGBD
Tenor; CGDA
Irish style Tenor; GDAE
Mandolin Family:
Mandolin GDAE
Mandola CGDA
Octave Mandolin GDAE
Mandocello CGDA
6 string Greek (3 course) DAD, low str in octaves
8 string Greek (4 course) CFAD, c and f in octaves
Baglama (baby bouzouki) DAD one octave above regular
Irish Bouzouki (4 course) GDAD, ADAD
Irish Bouzouki (5 course) DGDAD, CGDAD, DADAD
Soprano, Prima EEA, with the E's of nylon and the A metal
Alto AAD, all metal
Charango GCEAE
Venezuela, 4 single nylon courses, DAF#B
Puerto Rico, 5 metal double courses, BEADG, b and e in octaves
Cuban Tres two tunings used on the same instrument, 3rd and 1st courses in octaves; GCE, GBE
Palestinian/Jordanian variant CFADGC
Old Turkish Bolahenk EABEAD
New Turkish C#F#BEAD
Turkish Classical, Old Mansur ADEADG
Turkish Classical, New F#BEADG
the last two may require restringing to a heavier guage set
Baglama, Bozorg tuning standard GDA; low G in octaves; on some baglamas there is a low octave added to the A course
Çura- GDA one octave above baglama, often no octave stringing
Çumbus Saz- can be tuned as high as CGD, etc. Also can be tuned as a Persian Tar at CGC; ow course in octaves.
Yayli Tambur DAD, low course in octaves
Turkish Lavto CGDA
Cumbus- DEADGC
Turkish Black Sea Kemence EAD
Turkish Kabak Kemence, Spike Fiddle- Lg. CGCG, DGDG; small ones higher
Tar CGC, low course in octaves; Azerbaijan style also has extra strings tuned variously; Persian also tuned DGC, CFC, EpGC, depending on the dastgah
Kanun- Turkish high string tuned to G, then stepwise downward, mandals in natural position.
Er-Hu DA, but can be lower to even BbF
Yueh Qin GC, GCG, etc.
Zheng major pentatonic pattern, such as CDEGACDEGAC, etc; can be tuned up or down
Portuguese Guitar ???
Spanish Laud ????
Spanish Mandolin, Bandurria G#C#F#BEA
Lute, six course GCFADG
seven course DGCFADG, FGCFADG
more courses possible; also other size lutes used
Traditional DGBD
Natural DGBE
Soprano and concert GCEA
Baritone DGBE
Mexican Vihuela ADGBE
Guitarrone ADGCEA, re-entrant
Violin Family
Violin GDAE
Violino Piccolo BbFCG
Viola CGDA
'Cello CGDA one octave below viola
Viol, Renaissance
Bass DGCEAD one octave below treble
Treble GDA
Tenor CGD
Medieval Fiddle (Vielle)
many options; DGGDD, DGDGDD, GGDCC, one very useful one is GDGDD or GDGDG
Lira da Braccio DD/GGDAD, DD/GGDAE

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