Olaf Palm

Our good friend Olaf Palm the painter and musician
died October 21, 2000
This page is dedicated to his paintings of his musical friends.

California artist Olaf Palm has long had a fascination with 17th century Dutch Masters that is evident in his work, which has an old-world feel and favors rich, dark tones of green, brown and plum. His studies of People capture a range of human expression and mannerisms. The son of Finnish immigrant farmers, he was raised in Northern California and studied art at San Jose State College, where he went against the prevailing fascination with abstract impressionism by following instead the traditions of artists such as Rembrandt, Hals and Vermeer He has traveled extensively, painting in Mexico, Europe and the South Seas, and has exhibited in galleries and museums for more than 25 years. Olaf's favorite subjects were his musical friends.

Be sure visit the Olaf Palm website to learn more about Palm's life, work, and the recently published biography Olaf Palm, A Life in Art. Lavishly illustrated with 180 full color images, this book includes a whole chapter of Palm paintings of musicians, many of them with Lark Camp as their setting. Visit the Olaf Palm website.

Taizz Playing The Flute

Madge Playing The Lute

Olaf Painting Wendy Newell
"Warm Spot On The Russian Gulch Trail" 10" x 16" oil on panel

Jason, John Paul and Rick Making Music
"Three Musicians At Camp Redwood" Westport, California, 1983, 24" x 30"

Michael Hubbert Playing The Zampogna

Rod Cameron at Work, 24" x 30" Oil, 1995

Mickie Zekley Playing The Harp Guitar

Guitar Player

"Highland Concert"
Scotland, 1966 16" x 20"

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