Slaperoo And Other Amazing Electric Musical Instruments

Slaperoo - Electric Tuned Percussion The SLAPEROO is hand-crafted right down to the custom pickups!

The robust all-metal construction (ok, it does have a rubber foot), makes the instrument virtually indestructible and maintenence-free.(Running it over with the tour bus is not recommended, though it would probabily survive). An occasional application of high-quality paste-wax is all that's recommended.

The blue anodized finish is extremely durable and should provide many years of trouble-free use. The strap is made from high-carbon steel designed to handle 2000-pounds of tension.

An internal mechanism provides the high-pressure needed to tension the strap. This tension is adjusted using the large nut on top of the instrument. The SLAPEROO can be open-tuned to almost any key.

The SLAPEROO is built to be played aggressively or softly, limited only by the player's imagination.

Where did the idea come from?
It was inspired in 2004 by a long shipping crate with a tightly-wound steel strap around it. The top of the crate was warped, creating a small gap under the strap. Slapping this strap made a heck of a sound, the wooden lid acting as a soundboard. Shortly (about 7-minutes) after making this wonderful discovery, the UPS truck came to pick up the crate. This sudden loss motivated Andy Graham to attempt to duplicate and electrify this concept but by using a lightweight, strong aluminum body. Several years of engineering and tinkering in his secret shop resulted in the SLAPEROO...which is much easier to drag onstage than a 500-pound crate.

Why is it referred to as electric tuned percussion?
It's electric because it uses an internal pickup (tranducer) to convert the vibrations of the strap into an electric signal just like an electric guitar. It's a percussion instrument because of the manner that it is played: by hitting the strap in various ways with you hands, fingers, face, etc.. It's tuned because of the strap can be open-tuned to a particular key. It is also 'fretted' like a stand-up bass, allowing you to play percussive melody lines.

What kind of amp do you recommend to play the SLAPEROO through?
This really depends on how you like to play. If you are just going to record, you can bypass the amp all together. The pickup is designed to catch a full range of frequencies and delivers a strong signal. A keyboard amp will take advantage of the frequency range the best, giving you the most choices. If you want to blow your windows out and scare the cat, a giant bass amp will do just fine.

What about using electronic effects?
This is where the fun begins! You can play the SLAPEROO with any electronic effect, looper, or other sound-processing gear. The Digitech RP-1000 is a great multi-effects processor.

Can the SLAPEROO be played with a bow?
Yes...and the trippy harmonics sound quite amazing...especially with effects!

Gear used on the recordings:
Digitech RP1000 Effects Processor
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy Digital Delay
Drum tracks: Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Electronic Drum Kit

Sound Sample PER509   $599.00  

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Gravikord Electric double harp with 24 nylon strings, 3 1/2 octaves diatonic scale, made of stainless steel and wood, inspired by the West African Kora
The scale alternates from side to side, so each hand is able to play both bass and treble notes simultaneously
Strictly electric, works with any amplifier has 1/4" plug
Welded stainless steel frame, wood tuning block, metal tuning machines, carved bridge with piezo electric pick-up and cord, set of 24 colored nylon monofilament strings
Length 51"
height 7"
Width 8"
Weighs approx. 5 lbs.
Warrenty none

ELE024   $2700.00  

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