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World Music & Dance Celebration 2011
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Tuned Percussion


Marimbas & Xylophones

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Tuned Bells

Alpine & Others

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Energy Chimes

Single & Multinote

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Wah Wah Tube

Large Sustain

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Tuned Musical Tubes

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Very Resonant

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Kalimbas & Thumbpianos

Originally From Africa

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Hapi Drums

Resonant Metal Hand Drums

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Steel Drums

Sound Of The Caribbean

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Joia Tubes

Struck Tuned Tube Percussion

Lots Of Models

About Tuned Percussion

Pitched percussion musical instrument.

A pitched percussion instrument is a percussion instrument used to produce musical notes of one or more pitches, as opposed to an unpitched percussion instrument which is used to produce sounds of indefinite pitch.

The term pitched percussion is now preferred to the traditional term tuned percussion:

Many untuned percussion instruments, such as the snare drum, are tuned by the player, but this tuning does not relate to a particular pitch. Untuned percussion instruments can and frequently do make sounds that could be used as pitched notes in an appropriate context.

This second consideration also means that the traditional division into tuned and untuned percussion is to some extent oversimplified:

Pitched percussion includes the overlapping classes of:

Mallet percussion, instruments such as the glockenspiel and chime bars, played in a particular way. Keyboard percussion, instruments such as the glockenspiel and tubular bells arranged in a particular way (but not including the celesta and other keyboard instruments despite the name). Melodic percussion, instruments used to produce several different pitches.